Antique Chaplet

Antique Chaplet

An antique chaplet or finger rosary serves as the centerpiece for the Wonder medallion. The finger rosary, a prayerful mediation, originates from the rosary, a Scriptural meditation based on prayers such as the Hail Mary, the dialogue between Mary and the angel Gabriel, and the Our Father, the prayer given to the disciples by Christ when asked how to pray.

These repetitive prayers silently or vocally said, alone or with others, offer a deeper meditative communion with God. The rosary, Latin for “rose garden”, also offers contemplation and wonder of the profound mysteries of Jesus and Mary’s life. The European antique finger rosary, with its 10 balls represents a decade of prayer, serving secretly praying soldiers in World War I or politically oppressed Catholics in Ireland. Prayer beads, founded by the ancient Hindus and common in many religions help facilitate prayer by allowing the beads to count repetitive prayer.

Antique Chaplet
Hand finished sterling silver antique chaplet with 14k detail finger rosary virtue medallion measuring 1.5" diameter. Soldiers would hide in their lapel pocket to say the rosary in Europe.

Additional Information:
Collection: Sanctus
Virtue: Wonder
Patronage: Mothers
Feast Day: October 7
Social Cause: Women in Crisis