St. Gabriel, the Archangel

Saint Gabriel

Gabriel, the archangel, is one of three angels mentioned in the Bible and because of the supreme importance of the message he delivers he is distinguished as an archangel and the patron saint of all those who work in communication. His name means God is my strength; God is mighty; strong man of God; the strength of God.

He appears to Daniel, revealing the prophecy of the birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah. God also sends Gabriel to Nazareth in Galilee to a virgin, named Mary engaged to a man whose name is Joseph, of the House of David informing her she would conceive and bear a son whom she was to give the name of Jesus, which means “Salvation”. Gabriel functions as a critical messenger. He announces the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus.

Hand finished 14k pink gold and sterling silver virtue medallion measuring 7/8" diameter. Also available in sterling silver.

Additional Information:
Collection: Sanctus
Virtue: Strength
Patronage: Communication Workers
Feast Day: September 29
Social Cause: NPR