St. Lucy

Saint Lucy

(c.304), virgin and martyr, St. Lucy was born in Sicily in the city Syracuse to wealthy parents, and remains the city’s patron saint. She chose to devote her life to God and give her fortune to the poor. The name Lucy means “Bringer of Light”. She let a spiritual light into her heart and then witnessed this light all around her, from her mother to her executioners.

Lucy refused to marry and for this she was tortured by having her eyes torn out. After this, she could not be moved from her spot despite oxen being used, nor would any wood ignite to burn her.

She was finally martyred by being stabbed with a dagger. It is said that her vision was restored before she died. A lamp symbolizes the mystical light of Lucy guiding our sight, just as Lucy through the light of Christ miraculously regains her sight. She is the patron saint of sight and the blind. Her feast day is celebrated in Sweden as a festival of light, with the song “Santa Lucia” celebrating her memory.

Saint Lucy
Hand finished 14k gold and sterling silver virtue medallion measuring 3/4” diameter.

Additional Information:
Collection: Sanctus
Virtue: Light
Patronage: Sight
Feast Day: December 13
Social Cause: Prevent Blindness