Virgo Maria

Virgo Maria

Mary, as the mother of God, specifically, Jesus, holds a highly venerated position in Faith. Her purity as symbolized in the absence of original sin elevates her importance in salvation and the angel Gabriel in the bible, addresses her as “Hail, full of grace”. Mary’s other title as Queen, as Jesus is referred to as King, implies she is our spiritual mother, nurturing our spiritual life of grace throughout our lifetime. Her role in the miracles of Christ’s life is well documented in the Bible and the many events of her life are celebrated as miracles as well. We honor her Grace with a unique French vintage nouveau interpretation while celebrating mothers.



Medallion available in two toned sterling silver center with a 14 karat gold frame or all 14 karat gold. Not available in all sterling silver.

Additional Information:
Collection: Sanctus
Virtue: Grace
Patronage: Mothers
Feast Day: August 15, September 8, December 8
Social Cause: General Causes