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"Brother Wolf co-owner Jonathan Tesauro said that “This town is stronger than hate, this town is tough as nails, we have hearts and spirits made of steel and we are Pittsburgh strong.”"
Pittsburgh Synagogue Will Be Donated Proceeds From Brother Wolf
"Religious jewelry gets an overhaul with the help of this sibling duo from Pittsburgh"
Get to Know Jewelry Designers Jonathan and Lauren Tesauro of Brother Wolf
JCK Magazine
"Jonathan and Lauren Tesauro are the Millennial design twins who own and create for Brother Wolf Jewelry. The tale of how Francis tamed a ferocious wolf that was terrorizing the people of an Italian town inspired the name of their six-year-old Brother Wolf line of religious-inspired jewelry."
Brother Wolf Jewelry
Four Grainer
"Need something that’s one-of-a-kind and meaningful? Then Brother Wolf jewelry may be right for you."
Brother Wolf Jewelry Gets Added To The Mix
"Once the relics are brought back into the United States, a mold is made of it. It is this first-generation mold that is used to the make the pendants, which are then put on a sterling silver chains, sometimes with 14-karat gold touches and pearl drops."
The Rebirth of Brother Wolf
The National Jeweler
"One of the many strengths of the Brother Wolf line is that it is not composed of cookie-cutter pieces that you could find elsewhere. "
Brother Wolf Jewelry Line Expands Nationally
Maniac Magazine
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