Holy Spirit – Purity


Chain Not Included


Patron of All

Spirit is a term used in most religions but in the Christian tradition, a Holy Spirit evokes the mystery of the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Spiritual gifts rendered by the Holy Spirit sanctify our soul through grace and infusing virtue in our lives which positively influences others. The Holy Spirit is invoked at Confirmation, through an anointing with chrism, to safeguard or seal the graces received in Baptism. The dove embodying the Holy Spirit is an emblem of purity and gentleness.


Piece mesasures 1” x 1” with a raised dove in the center and is photographed on a bead and link chain. Back is engraveable.


Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14KT Yellow Dove


  1. Patty W.

    Honestly couldn’t have found a better confirmation medal. I went to 3 different jewelry stores trying to find a confirmation present for my nephew. Found Brother Wolf and bought it! PERFECT!

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