St. Anthony – Wisdom


Virtue: Wisdom

Patronage: Lost Things

Chain Not Included

Pictured on our 1.5mm Cable Chain


“Actions speak louder than words, let your words teach and your actions speak. We should speak, then, as the Holy Spirit gives us the gift of speech.” -A Sermon of St. Anthony

Patron of Lost Things

St. Anthony Of Padua (1195-1291), the scholar and preacher, is affectionately known as the patron saint of lost objects. A major contemplative thinker, when called upon he eloquently translated complex theological issues into understandable and practical lessons for ordinary people, still meaningful today. As a gifted speaker, he seemed divinely inspired and attracted crowds universally. Legend contends even the fish loved to listen, perhaps explaining why fisherman also claim him as their patron saint. His recovery of lost objects originates with another miracle, where, as legend recounts, St. Anthony prayed for the return of an important book containing his personal notes which was stolen by a novice. The novice crossed a river where a disturbing apparition commanded him to return the book to St. Anthony. For those who require contemplation, wisdom or the gift of speech, St. Anthony’s virtues and words offer example.


Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14KT Yellow Frame, Sterling Silver with 14KT Pink Frame


Pendant is 3/4” in diameter and is photographed on an 1.5mm sterling silver cable chain.


  1. Heather P.

    I have 7 of the Brother Wolf medals. This was my first and still my favorite. St. Anthony holds a very special place in my heart and with my family so it’s extra special. The image of Mary on the back is to die for.

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