St. Patrick – Forgiveness


Chain Not Included


Patron Saint of Ireland

(d. 17 March 493). At 16, Patrick was captured by Irish raiders in Wales, where he lived comfortably, and enslaved in Ireland for 6 years. Prayer carried him through the experience and when he escaped he was transformed in his faith. Legend reports he walked nearly 200 miles in his escape. Guided by visions, he later returned to Ireland and with forgiveness became the country’s second bishop. In illustrating the Trinity he often used the sacred shamrock as a symbol with the local nature based pagans. In keeping with local ritual, he incorporated the powerful symbol of the sun in the cross, originating the Celtic cross. He is the popular and widely celebrated patron saint of Ireland.


Piece measures 7/8” diameter and is photographed on a 2.8mm cable chain.


Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14KT Yellow Frame, Sterling Silver with 14KT Pink Frame


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