The Western Wall – Reflection


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"There are people with hearts of stone, and stones with the hearts of people"

The Western Wall – Kotel

What once stood as the Second Temple of Jerusalem until its destruction by the Romans back in 70 ce., is now only a single standing wall. That wall that still stands today (about 2,000 years later) is one of the most sacred places known throughout the world and even more so throughout the Jewish community. When Jerusalem found themselves under Jordanian rule their freedom to visit the wall for prayer and reflection has been stripped away from them for almost 20 years. It was not until June 7th 1967 that Israel had finally taken back their holy land during what is known as the Six Day War. Once the war had been won, Moshe Dayan – a defense minister – was the first Jewish man to revisit the wall. It was at that visit to the wall he reflected, prayed, and inserted a hand written petition into one of the many cracks. What Dayan had written was asking for peace to “Descend upon the House of Israel”. This act was the rebirth and restoration of religious freedom not only for the Jewish community but for their neighboring muslins and all others. The Western Wall, also known as “The Wailing Wall” to some, symbolizes many things. It is a place of strength against oppression, a place of unity, a place of prayer and reflection.


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